The very name corporate crime suggests big companies breaking the law. The fact is that any business whether a sole trader, a partnership or a Limited company can fall foul of the regulations that are in place to govern them. Keeping on top of the regulations governing your industry or business can be very difficult when you are simply trying to earn a living. The fines for breaches of Health & Safety offences can be colossal and can be the difference between your business surviving or not. A failure on the part of one of your employees or even a subcontractor can lead to terms of imprisonment and fines. The Environment Agency will not hesitate to investigate or prosecute farmers when there is an escape or discharge from the farm into a water course. Very often that farmer has done everything that he can in impossible circumstances to make sure that everything on his farm works properly but the matter will be investigated and you could wind up prosecuted


  • Environmental and Waste Law
  • Health and Safety Law
  • Bribery and Corruption
  • Operating Licencing
  • Corporate Manslaughter

I have dealt with Health & Safety prosecutions for small family companies and for employees of those companies who are accused of some of the most serious offences. These are offences which individuals never believe that they would face, such as manslaughter. The investigations of these offences take a very long time and require robust and intelligent advice right from the beginning. This will include the inquest, interviews under caution and involvement in the investigation stage. The wrong advice given at the early stage can have a dramatic effect on both the outcome and indeed whether or not a person is prosecuted.

You as a business owner have done your level best to run your business in accordance with the law, it is simply a fact of life that sometimes things go wrong and you need help in order to achieve the positive outcomes that you deserve for the hard work that you have put in to your business. I will advise you in particular at the investigation stage but also if you are prosecuted I can help you with the compliance issues surrounding the allegations.

My aim is to give you clear and sensible advice that helps you understand the legal issues that have to be considered. This work inevitably involves me working with you as a team, I need to understand the relevant technical issues to help me understand your business in order to achieve the most successful outcome that I can for you and your company.

The advantage that I have in respect of this work is that I have access to some of the best experts and barristers in the country. I am able to manage your case should you be prosecuted right through to its conclusion, However in order to maximise your success I need to be involved at the earliest stage. So if the Environment Agency, Health & Safety Executive, local authority of any other agency wishes to ask you questions about breaches of regulations please get in touch with me. The sooner I am involved the greater the chances of a successful outcome.