Initial telephone or email contact with me is free of charge. I will not be able to give you specific advice over the phone however other than to confirm whether I am able to assist, and outline in brief the general procedure I will follow.


If you are eligible for legal aid, I will make an application on your behalf.


If you are not eligible for legal aid, I will either agree a fixed fee with you or provide an estimate of our fees based on my usual hourly rate, dependant on many factors including the type of offence and complexity.

Please note that reference to VAT in this document means VAT at the current rate of 20% unless otherwise stated.

Normal hourly rate £200 + VAT

Hourly rate for complex, serious cases may be higher than for the normal case and a detailed quotation will be given prior to commencing the work.


Minimum fixed fee – £400 + VAT

Cases that are dealt with for example, at a Magistrates Court or offer a guilty plea can be charged using the minimum fixed fee but this will vary depending on the case.

Normal fixed fee – £600 + VAT

There will be additional travel and mileage charges subject to location of the court. These additional fees will be detailed in your quotation.


I am happy to offer a discount to members and past members of the armed services if such cases cannot be covered by legal aid.