Criminal Law Advocacy


You have the right to speak to a solicitor if you are being held by the police.
I provide advice and assistance to anyone being questioned by the police in the South West of England. Where eligible this will be covered under our Legal Aid Contract free of charge.

Do not let the police talk you out of this right to assistance, it may make a huge difference to your case if you do not get this early support.


Many cases can be dealt with at the Magistrates’ Court some may be sent to the Crown Court for trial by Jury or for sentencing. I regularly represent clients at courts throughout the Westcountry and also, when requested, cover all courts throughout England and Wales including the Court of Appeal. I am recognised by the courts and other agencies for my professionalism and integrity.

I also have an excellent network of specialist Counsel and expert witnesses that I can instruct if required.


Losing your driving licence could be catastrophic to your employment or business and your family. Whether you are facing charges of drink driving, driving without due care and attention, dangerous driving or a speeding offence, I will defend your case vigorously or seek to mitigate the penalty in order to do everything possible to save your licence. I will advise you as to the best and most achievable options in your case.


I provide robust defence advocacy for people charged with all types of criminal offences. Cases include:

  • Theft and Dishonesty
  • Burglary
  • Conspiracy
  • Drugs (possession & supply)
  • Proceeds of Crime Act & Confiscation
  • Harassment
  • Criminal Damage
  • Sexual offences.
  • Historic offences, including sexual offences.
  • Murder
  • Environmental Agency prosecutions. Pollution,
  • Agricultural offences animal neglect, cruelty. Veterinary medicine offences.
  • Drink and Drug driving.
  • Road traffic act prosecutions.
  • Domestic violence protection orders.
  • Youth court.

I also defend clients in serious and high profile cases including murder, terrorism, sexual offences including rape and downloading indecent images, assault and abuse. I will present the facts of your case clearly and persuasively and attack any weaknesses in the prosecution evidence.